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Are you ready to heal yourself? Then here's what I offer



17 days of powerful & transformative
frequency immersions.
Release - Reset - Revive to 
THRIVE in your life. 


High vibrational & 100% pure. 
Essential for raising your frequency
& easing your healing journey.

You're here for a reason ♡

Since you've found me - you're most likely on a journey of spiritual growth, healing and inner work. You've realised that energy healing is paramount for your soul growth and self development.

Because you want to feel good and live your best life NOW! But you’re tired of being held back by self -sabotaging beliefs, old wounding, lack or sacrifice patterns each time you try to rise. 

Instead - you want help in transforming these blocks into gifts and rocket fuel for your ELEVATION!

Does this sound like you?

This was me. I knew I was here to make a difference, to touch many lives. But I was tired of feeling broken. So as a teen I decided to do everything I could to heal myself and feel whole within. This was unchartered territory with few directions on 'how to heal, love and find yourself'.  And so I embarked on an intuitive journey. I followed my heart wherever it led me. We went far, wide and deep - and still do.

In the quest for healing myself I discovered that I could heal others. Not just your average nice feeling healing... but deep transformational change and often miracles.

I have made it my mission to keep soul growing and self-healing to live the best version of myself,  whilst potentiating this unique gift. I'd love to guide and serve you if you feel called ♡

So, Beautiful Soul - would you love to uplevel yourself in a safe, intimate container where you know that your energy is sacredly held and you'll elevate continuously?


This is why I created Revive to Thrive! 

wanted to make the journey of healing & uplevelling yourself - supported, intimate and efficient.
A journey where you will not only meet and reconnect deeply with yourself and your source, but be surrounded by your soul family who get, love and support you. Together we heal and elevate so much faster.

                                          Camille Safi jér                                           

           - She who heals herself

So, Beautiful One... if you're ready to 

UPLEVEL your Soul & your Life

AND you yearn to feel happy, whole, connected, loved, supported and at peace within 

AND you'll do anything to fulfill your desires and THRIVE in your life

THEN. . .


The Revive to Thrive self-transformation

 Healing process was created for you. 

Release - Reset - Revive to THRIVE!

 See all the details & JOIN here!


The Revive to Thrive self-transformational
Healing process 
was created especially for you,
to help you:

Release - Reset - Revive to THRIVE!

 See all the details & JOIN here!

What makes me so special?

I specialize in transforming you in your spiritual realm in order to change your physical reality. I do this through my unique healing abilities that have helped thousands, especially women and children. 

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“Camille is without comparison the most amazing mind-blowing healer I have met.”


“What these treatments have given me, no therapy or anything else could have given me.
Camille, I'm sure you're the angel of our time. Thank you dearest.”


“I’ve experienced these sessions as immensely transformative and effective.
Camille’s special abilities, immense clarity, true connection and deep integrity have given me the feeling of being in the best hands.”

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