Being in the VOID is not passive. It’s an invitation

white void
Being in the VOID is not passive. It’s an invitation ✨
To go deep
Deep within yourself

To excavate and eradicate what no longer works
To get into alignment with your higher self anew and course correct

It’s a divine opportunity to reset your whole system whilst there’s barely any input
I mean – how often do we get this breathing space as adult womxn with busy lives, careers and children?

What makes being in the void scary however, is that there is NO input…

Which literally means no inspiration, no ideas, no energy and possibly no income

And you have no idea of how long it will last or if it will ever, ever end.

I am here to tell you it does 🌿

AND for it to end with a feeling of satisfaction… don’t fight against the void but instead do your inner work.

So when the fear and panic and the sheer nothingness set in… you face them head on and heal them within you (with help and sisterhood - this is not the time to be a martyr!)

I’ve been through 11 months of the biggest void of my career and I am coming out on the other side like a phoenix renewed ✨

And it feels SO liberating!!

Because I did the inner work. Oh yes… full time with help.
Lots of help from coaches, mentors and healers.

And I was dedicated like my life depended on it
Which it did

And I am now harvesting the fruits of my labour...

New inspiration, new energy, a sense of aliveness like never before, immense gratitude for life - MY LIFE!, a rock solid foundation within me, new clients, new healing breakthroughs in my sessions, new interest in collaborations and immense gratitude for my work from those who experience it ✨

Follow your heart - Heal yourself - Live your bliss!
x Camille 🌿