My healing gifts are on fire 🔥

golden healing
My healing gifts are on fire 🔥 The testimonials and results streaming in are out of this world!

Being in and emerging from the void truly has its rewards.
Both energetically and physically.

My already incredible healing gifts have been up levelled quantumly.

The thing clients most often say (if they can still speak!) is ‘MIND-BLOWING!’

And before you think ‘oh wow should I just hope for a void in my life now’?
Think again!

The void is real and E M P T Y  A.F.

And I didn’t just sit in the void and stare out at nothing for 11 months.

I did massive inner healing work.
With and without help.

And as they say…
'Your outer world becomes a reflection of your inner world'

And I am living proof that inner healing makes a difference.

🌀 All those ‘peeling of the onion’ eventually pay off and by Goddess have I peeled and felt so despondent when yet another layer appeared. Didn’t I clear this one already?
YES it feels like it… because we heal our lessons in cycles – deeper and deeper.

🌀 We are the generation who are invited to do all this inner work to break free from the heavy programming of our past lineages.

Lineages who perhaps never had the consciousness, tools or time freedom to do this inner healing work or the luxury of personal development.

Yes it is a luxury lest we forget!

This is our legacy… our opportunity to become truly FREE in ourselves.

It’s out of this world… really, how incredibly lucky we are to have this opportunity and all the means to heal ourselves.

And of course I am well aware that there are more layers and more inner healing to come….

💋 I have a new tagline ‘She who heals herself in ALL areas of life’

With the upside of the flipside of the void… I am all for it!

You know where to find me if you want in.

Camille Safijér 🌿