How to honour your Energy

sacred energy
Most of us were never taught how to honour and keep our energy sacred ✨

And so I’ll share how I honour my energy best 💫

Like all profound techniques - this one is simple, yet can sometimes feel challenging if you’re a people pleaser, authoritarian or have a lot of rules you live by (whose are those anyway?)


Honour your sacred YES 🌕
by acknowledging when your body relaxes and opens in response to something.

Honour your sacred NO 🌙
by acknowledging when your body contracts and closes in response to something.

The responses above occur within the first split second - so pay attention to this.

The ego mind will quickly come in with a counter thought to ‘keep you safe’ which you may thank and then ignore!

The art of keeping our energy sacred is honouring our 🌕 or 🌙 despite it going against our logic, rules or what others or society expects of us.

The magical thing is that when we honour our sacred energy everybody else benefits ⭐️

And so it’s the most unselfish and self-loving thing we can do for ourselves and others 💫

Practice this awareness throughout your day:

Is this a yes or a no for me?

Follow your Heart ~ Heal yourself ~ Live your Bliss

Camille 🌿