The final stage of healing...

final stage

This is such an empowering part of the healing journey ❤️‍

When our emergence from the adversity becomes a gift for someone else.

This is also the part that makes us relatable. Especially as healers.

I once thought that as a healer I had to be perfect. That my life had to be perfect. That I could never be sick! And worse, I felt embarassed if my children were be ill!
Can you imagine the pressure?

Sometimes people would even say ‘ah you’re so lucky you can just heal your problems away’.

Not true! (Well… sometimes!)

If anything I seem to have gone through more intense life lessons than most I know. And I’ve had to figure them out from my humanness and my light so that I can relate to the human journey even better.

And I’ve come to realize that as a healer this is part of my healing initiation and soul evolution.

To transform through something to then be able to hold an even more powerful healing context for my clients to calibrate and transform so much faster ✨

I no longer see problems as problems but opportunities for new healing initiations. This pivot has been so powerful.

My life in turn becomes easier as I learn to coexist with my unique healing gifts and my humanness. That one does not preclude the other.

In fact they enhance each other 💞

Let me know if this landed and helped you in some way 🕊

Happy healing beautiful souls 💗

Follow your Heart ~ Heal yourself ~ Live your Bliss

Camille 🌿


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