Peace in the world


My inner healing practice is through the roof these days.✨

The more turmoil in the outer world the more I gain momentum to go inwards and clear up any unhealed, stagnant or binding energy.

Daily 💫

I have many tools that I use depending on what feels aligned.

Lately I’ve been cord cutting. Cutting energetic ties, releasing, forgiving and reclaiming my own energy.

It’s so liberating and freeing. Not only to me but also to those around me and anyone who has been energetically tied to me.

💡How do we create an energetic cord with someone?

⚠️Any interaction not fully from unconditional, non-attached love.

⚠️ Any penetrative sexual encounter.

So for most of us that’s a whole lot of cords weighing us down. Draining our energy and clouding our judgment.

Peace will never be attained without each of us doing our inner clearing, healing, self-love and peace work. Bypassing this piece is completely unsustainable as we have seen time and time again on our world screens.

What has not been fully healed will immerge again.

You cannot control anyone into love, forgiveness or peace.

🕊 Peace comes through invitation. Only when you’ve healed the war within you can you be the invitation.

Are you willing to do your inner peace work? For you and for the new world we are creating 💫

Follow your Heart ~ Heal yourself ~ Live your Bliss

Camille 🌿