Trust without evidence

When you’re mid process things can look and feel really messy ❤️‍

It’s easy to fret and wonder if you’re doing something wrong? If you should just give up and go back to where you were?

🧚‍♂️ Know that this stage is a pivotal part of the transformation journey from dark to light.

Like the caterpillar… choose to trust, surrender and enjoy your experience as ‘mulch’ as much as possible 🫠

Before you emerge as a butterfly feeling renewed and grateful for trusting and staying the course 🦋

For me the enjoyment of the not knowing - the mulch - has come with experience and having been through the deep inner transformation process so many times before.

The younger me would have been so grateful for this advice! May it serve you too 🤍

Follow your Heart ~ Heal yourself ~ Live your Bliss

Camille 🌿