Who you are in the void...

who you are in void

I’ve been in the void for weeks or months… I can’t tell at this point.

And I’ve noticed a profound difference this time around…

This time around I have welcomed the void with relief

Instead of resisting

I am enjoying the silence

I am enjoying the nothingness

I am enjoying the not knowing

I am enjoying the echo

The lethargy

The staring into space

The indifference to 3D life

The detachment from doing

And the profound knowing that absolutely nothing is wrong…

Having recently faced, navigated and lived through my once biggest fear of dying painfully from a medical diagnosis, has brought with it many gifts.

Profound gifts that are still emerging…

Shifts in my awareness, how I show up for and lead myself.

How I navigate fear, life’s curveballs, being present with myself and others.

How I enjoy the now moment without adjusting something first or feeling guilty after.

✨ But one of the biggest gifts of all is NO LONGER FEARING THE VOID.

Knowing that I am profoundly safe within myself. That I will always have me. Even through death.

That the fear of the void and having to do, do, do, run or numb was really

the fear of


and being

with me.


I still cannot grasp the extent of this gift as it emerges day by day…

as I let it unfurl like a butterfly emerging from the void 🦋


Follow your Heart ~ Heal yourself ~ Live your Bliss

Camille 🌿