Client love

client love

As a healer the most EXQUISITE experience for me, is to see a womxn I am working on from afar…

Go from…

~ Rigid to soft within seconds💫

~ From a closed and protected heart to surrendered and open

~ From fearful to trusting

~ From resistant and blocked to flowing and welcoming

~ From not knowing who she is to feeling at home in herself

Within 1 session ✨


It’s the most heart opening vocation I have

And I feel so blessed ✨

I thank every client who feels effortlessly drawn to me for the honour of serving you in this way….

For me, for you and all the female lineages before and after us

Together we’re healing hearts ♥️

Together we’re healing what it means to be embodied womxn, feeling fully expressed and safe in our bodies ✨

This is what we have been yearning for… ♥️

If you’re feeling called… you know where I am 💗

Follow your heart ~ Heal yourself ~ Live your bliss

Camille 🌿