Follow your Hear t

   Live your Bliss 



I specialize in transforming the spiritual realm in order to change your physical reality.

My unique healing ability is constantly intensified and has helped my clients transform many areas of their lives. Often resulting in miracles.

Issues that I work on span from dysfunctions in health, wealth, relationships and life - to bringing in new life, by helping women conceive and calling in their baby's soul. 

The common theme of my healing work is to help your spirit better thrive on this earth. To reconnect you to your purest source so that you feel supported and start to flourish in all aspects of your life.

Presently, I offer live group programs. Private sessions are possible if you choose 'Next Level' of Revive to Thrive.  

Join me for my Revive to Thrive process for a deeply transformative and nourishing experience. One that could transform your life.

If you haven't tried them yet, I highly recommend my go-to Healing Essential Oils that have made my life so much more enjoyable. They are nature's helping hand to achieving the results you want. And a must for raising your frequency and thus, easing your healing journey.

Beautiful soul, may you find what you're looking for ♡

Follow your heart - Live your bliss,

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Happy clients ♡


“Camille is without comparison the most amazing mind-blowing healer I have met.”


“What these treatments have given me, no therapy or anything else could have given me.
Camille, I'm sure you're the angel of our time. Thank you dearest.”


“I’ve experienced these sessions as immensely transformative and effective.
Camille’s special abilities, immense clarity, true connection and deep integrity have given me the feeling of being in the best hands.”

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