Heal Me - Deep transformational Healing 

 A session with me is a loving space for you to become yourself ♡ 

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3 Healing sessions

1444 USD

Recommended first timer

Includes 3 remote
1:1 Heal Me sessions.

Recommended for deeper issues or if you're wanting to become pregnant. 

Ideal if you feel called to work with me - you may experience the depth of my work before starting a long-term program or Sacred 1:1.


Relationship healing

777 USD

Session between 2

Includes 1 remote Heal Me session between 2 people.  

Clear & heal the blocks hindering the ♡ connection between 2: couple, parent-child or siblings.

Great for clearing past hurt & sabotaging patterns keeping you in negative loops. Ideal for when you want to start fresh. 


Single healing

555 USD

One off or Follow-up

Includes 1 remote
Heal Me session.

Recommended if you need healing here and now or as a follow-up session. 

Ideal if you feel called to work with me - you may experience the depth of my work before starting a long-term program or Sacred 1:1.


Rae-Lynn McDonald - Coach

“I had the pleasure of experiencing Camille’s magic, her innate gift. And there truly are no words to express what I just received. I will forever be grateful.

I instantly knew when she asked me what my intention was and I shared with her 3 internal intentions.

She is so kind and soft. Creating safety for me to simply relax as she leads herself through the experience. Her voice is soothing; she shared what my humanness needed to hear, and my soul self was open to all it received.

I could feel shifts within my throat, my heart and my womb space. So much was being removed, connected and a lot of releasing. My body softened. My shoulders relaxed. My throat opened.

I have always struggled to breathe deep into my belly space and my womb space. For the first time I took an easy breath that filled my belly and womb.

I am still softening, as my body feels connected and aligned.
She gave me simple tasks to support integration in my body over the next 4 weeks.

Thank you Camille, words can not express how grateful I am for you! ”


Jen Monahan - Intuitive life coach

“Camille, thank you so much for holding such a beautiful space.
I felt like we immediately connected into what was holding me back, not only in my relationship but also with myself.

It was so beautiful to see what came through intuitively through you. I could feel my heart softening and opening up in the session and after as I continued the exercise.

The feeling is profound.

I highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling like they have tried everything and have circled back to the same spot—trust Camille like I did and you won’t regret it!”

Intuitive life coach

Rachell Powell - Founder of THE WILDNESS

“Oh my Goddess! My session with Camille was nothing short of mind blowing – she is a master of her gifts.

The expansion that occurred in my heart and womb is like nothing I have ever experienced. It was dense and warm and felt so spacious and just lit up with energy. And I felt so soft and radiant after.

I could feel her dissolve the wall around my heart space and it expanded from my throat to my armpits and down to my belly.

It’s so much easier for me to drop into my heart space now. My lung capacity is nearly double – I am able to inhale and hold so much more air during breathwork.

It’s only been a couple days since our session and I’m so excited to see what else unfolds – physically, energetically and spiritually. I know this heart expansion is a KEY piece on my journey. Thank you so much Camille! ”


Amanda - Mama & Business owner

“Just gratitude coming your way. I had the easiest conversation with my husband after your healing. It had never been easier to express my feelings, thoughts, ideas...

One of my friends said that I look different - lighter in mind, she thought, without knowing that I have had healing.
Thanks a million Camille.”

Mama & Business owner

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