HEAL YOURSELF with Pure Essential Oils 

So many women comment on my glow! These divine oils are a big part of why. I use them daily with so much love & gratitude. 

Ready to GLOW from the inside out? 

doTERRA's oils don't just smell good - they rejuvenate, raise your frequency and so much more!

☆ In essence - all you need is your own oil kit 
and then start using the oils to UPLEVEL your frequency, radiance, health, skin and emotional wellbeing on a daily basis.


Are you looking to Heal & take your Health & Glow to the Next Level?

My favourite oil kits are a great way to optimise your health routine, balance your hormones & emotions:

➢ Cleanse & Restore Detox Kit includes 1 month of potent oils & supplements to detox, reset and restore your cells, mind & body. I recommend this as your first kit to detox you gently and efficiently from inside. From there you can start using the oils on a daily basis both internally and for your skin care routine.

➢ The Family Kit contains doTERRA's 10 most popular oils
for daily use. It's remarkable what you can prevent, heal and boost with these 10 oils. A must have natural pharmacy for the conscious, self-led soul.

➢ Daily Habits includes 5 targeted oils and prime supplements
to boost your health, immunity and skin from the get go if you're on a lighter budget.

As a Medical Herbalist I have worked for 2 decades with natural medicine. doTERRA's Essential Oils have surpassed my expectations and taken not only my health, but many of my client's health, glow and emotional wellbeing to the next level.

Results can happen fast with consistent use.



Family essential kit


Our body's frequency and emotions calibrate instantly to these 100% PURE oil essences. 

They are a godsend - especially for women, mothers, empaths, healers and those who are highly sensitive. 

Perhaps you too?

➢ Are you ready to ditch mainstream chemicals and synthetic fragrances that wreak havoc with your health & hormones?

Using doTERRA's Essential Oils is a lifestyle choice

Using these oils to uplevel your emotional and physical health is not a quick fix, but a conscious lifestyle choice. If you're committed to your own evolution and want to amplify what's already working, then these oils are for you and I'd love to welcome you ♡


Ready? ➢ Start Your Transformation in 3 Easy Steps!


Cleanse & Restore Detox includes potent oils & supplements to detox you from the inside. 

Home Essentials includes doTERRA's 10 most popular oils & a diffuser. 

Daily Habits includes prime oils & supplements to boost your health & skin.


Order as needed. No minimum purchase.

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Unsure of which oils would be best for you?

Contact me and we'll figure it out together

Elevate & Support yourself

Would you love to elevate yourself and your health, whilst creating extra revenue or a successful natural business by inspiring others to do the same?

Then consider joining me as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate!

As a therapist, healer, coach, yoga teacher or mentor, these oils are a blessing to support you emotionally and energetically. Once you experience their magical effects, sharing them with your clients is inevitable. 

Feeling a Soul YES? 
Contact Me for a 20 min. call to see if this is a good fit for you. 

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