Revive   to  Thrive

A powerful self-transformational healing process downloaded to help you:

Release - Reset - Revive to THRIVE!


Are you longing to

UPLEVEL your Life?

 FEEL more whole, connected, loved, supported and at peace within?

EMBODY your soul and THRIVE in your life?

Then REVIVE TO THRIVE is for you ♡



The Revive process is designed to help you:

Let go of who you're not. Become more of who you truly are at your highest soul level
Then watch how your life changes as you start to thrive & navigate it differently...

Free from your past

• Release patterns that keep you in lack,
sacrifice & repeating the old
• Let go of fear on a whole new level
• Deep Cleanse your cells, body,
mind & energy field to start fresh

Become your True self

• Recalibrate & Stabilize into your
true  frequency
• Master anchoring into your higher self
whilst staying in your body
• Let the process reset your system

Join your Soul Family

• Integrate your New frequencies  
• Activate your DNA to Thrive
• Heal your heart & Open anew
• Reunite with your soul family for ongoing support 

''I've experienced these sessions as immensely transformative and effective.
Camille’s special abilities, immense clarity, true connection and deep integrity have given me the feeling of being in the best hands.''

- Orkideea 

Revive & Transform yourself in 17 days

Revive to Thrive is a guided prerecorded self-transformational healing process.
You will receive the benefits of my unique healing abilities both individually and as a collective.
I have built this process on 3 powerful energy portals, that will bathe you in light frequencies of the new purity consciousness wave.
As a group dynamic we will take each other higher, as we collectively expand and potentiate the new frequencies.
What I clear, transform and enhance in one person automatically transforms in everyone for the benefit of all.
The quantum effects are enhanced with every replay


1. Portal
: 3 days Mon-Tue-Wed
☆ 21 minutes powerful healing
4 day break to Release


2. Portal:
3 days Mon-Tue-Wed
☆ 21 minutes nurturing healing
4 day break to Recalibrate 


3. Portal
: 3 days Mon-Tue-Wed
☆ 21 minutes transformative healing
Integrate & Thrive


☆ Please note! These powerful frequencies will start working with you as soon as you say YES to yourself and complete your purchase.

Deep ☆ Transformational Healer

 With lifetimes of experience in transmitting, transforming and alchemizing energy for my clients' immense benefit & soul growth - I will help heal, connect & immerse you in the frequencies of your highest source.

This is what you have been longing for.

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  • HeartBliss

    “Even though it was remote healing, I could feel the heat so strongly in my body as if you were sitting next to me. I feel like you have scanned and cleansed my body.
    I am just so grateful for your help and all that you have cleared in me.”

  • HeartBliss

    “Thank you so much for an unforgettable and INTENSE experience. I could still feel the effect of the healing the following days. I feel so much more myself.”

  • HeartBliss

    “I feel you unblocked my deepest wounds.
    I have a great sense that goodness and good experiences are on their way to me.
    My intensive experience with you confirmed that you have the source of goodness and pure healing energy in you.
    With the deepest gratitude.”

  • HeartBliss

    “'Great energy again! Thank you. The second you told us to call our pets, my dog ​​came and sat with me without me saying anything, he felt the energy immediately, so nice. Just so indescribable a special and beautiful energy you transmit - Wow!'”

Why do it alone? 

This is a unique invitation to expand into your highest potential. Alongside other like-hearted souls across the world.

If you're a FULL BODY YES  
- then join us!

Here's ALL of What You Get

  • 17 days of potent frequency transmissions  designed to help you and the specific group.
  • 3 days of immersion, 4 days to release & integrate for 3 consecutive weeks.
  • The healings will work on you individually & as a collective to help guide, connect and immerse you in your highest frequencies.
  • As soon as you purchase your spot, the Revive frequencies will begin to enhance your true vibration
  • You can listen to the healing audios on the membership site or a podcast feed for easy access.