Revive   to  Thrive

Transform your life in 17 days 








Join me for the next Revive to Thrive Group Healing: 
Feb/ March 2022 

Release - Reset - Revive to THRIVE!


Answer truthfully 

Has your life not turned out quite the way you had imagined? But you're still hoping.

Beautiful Soul - if any of the following ring true, then Revive to Thrive was created especially for you.
Because there is a reason why you're not thriving or where you long to be:

  • You want to be ALL of who you really are
  • You know it's time for a new direction in life but you resist
    • Your health could be better, you feel tired & lack focus
    • You long for greater self worth & to feel good enough
  • You feel stuck & don't know what you want anymore
              • You can't hear or you doubt your intuition 
              • You yearn for a spiritual connection & to feel guided from within 
              • You long to find your purpose & that you matter ♡ 

Revive to Thrive Benefits

This uniquely powerful immersion is designed to help you:
Let go of who you're not. Become more of who you truly are at your highest soul level.
Then watch how your life changes as you start to thrive & navigate it differently. 

Free from your past

Release & let go of patterns that no longer serve you on a whole new level.

Become your True self

Let this transformative process anchor you into your purest self. 

Join your Soul Family

Reunite with those that get, support &
love you ♡

''I've experienced these sessions as immensely transformative and effective.
Camille’s special abilities, immense clarity, true connection and deep integrity have given me the feeling of being in the best hands.''

- Orkideea 

Revive & Transform yourself in 17 days

Revive to Thrive is a live group transformational healing process.
You will receive the benefits of my unique healing abilities as I work on you individually and as a collective.
In addition, I have built this unique process on 3 powerful energy portals, which will bathe you in light frequencies of the new purity consciousness wave coming in.
As a group dynamic we will take each other higher, as we collectively potentiate the new frequencies.
What I clear, transform and enhance in one person automatically transforms in everyone for the benefit of all.

Together we Release - Reset - Revive to Thrive


1. Portal: 3 days Mon-Tue-Wed
12 pm CEST
21 minutes live healing call
4 day break to Release


2. Portal: 3 days Mon-Tue-Wed
12 pm CEST
21 minutes live healing call
4 day break to Recalibrate


3. Portal: 3 days Mon-Tue-Wed
12 pm CEST 
21 minutes live healing call
Integrate & Thrive

Deep ☆ Transformational Healer

 With lifetimes of experience in transmitting, transforming and alchemizing energy for my clients' immense benefit & soul growth - I will help guide, connect & immerse you in the frequencies of your highest source.

This is what you have been longing for.

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  • HeartBliss

    “Even though it was remote healing, I could feel the heat so strongly in my body as if you were sitting next to me. I feel like you have scanned and cleansed my body.
    I am just so grateful for your help and all that you have cleared in me.”

  • HeartBliss

    “Thank you so much for an unforgettable and INTENSE experience. I could still feel the effect of the healing the following days. I feel so much more myself.”

  • HeartBliss

    “I have a great sense that goodness and good experiences are on their way to me. I feel you unblocked my deepest wounds.
    My intensive experience with you confirmed that you have the source of goodness and pure healing energy in you.
    With the most loving and deepest feelings of gratitude.”


To enhance & ease your Revive to Thrive process I highly recommend the following 100% pure Essential Oils from doTERRA:

☆ Frankincense: preferably 15 ml (or Touch)
☆ Zendocrine Detox Blend: 15 ml 

Enjoy 25% off when you Buy Wholesale here

Bring these exact oils to the live calls. You will be guided on how to use them to enhance your process and lessen your detox symptoms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Will the calls be in English?

Yes the lives will be in English. However, you do not have to understand a word I am saying as the most important element is the powerful frequency, which surpasses any language barrier. While I am working on you I may be silent for you to enjoy receiving. 
*If there are only Danish participants in the group I am happy speak Danish.

#2 How do I join the call?

Upon purchase you will be invited into the membership site, where you will find the Zoom link. Connect a few minutes beforehand as we start on time.

#3 What if I can't make a call?

If you cannot join the live please set the intention of joining - not for me but for yourself. I am able to work on you whether you join the live call or not. If you forget to set your intention you will still receive. However, showing up for yourself is powerful. 

#4 What if the technology fails?

Not to worry. I will be doing the live healing work on the scheduled time whether Zoom works or not. Please show up for yourself and receive anyway. You don't have to be connected via the call for me to work on you. 

#5 Are replays available?

Yes replays will be available for you on the membership site, to potentiate the healing effect by relistening as often as you feel guided to. 

#6 How often should I do this process?

It all depends on how much baggage you have accumulated through lifetimes and how intent you are on releasing, transforming and seeing changes. For most, consecutive healing and inner work is needed as you expand into your highest version. If you feel called then do this process every 2nd month until you feel you need a break or feel solid enough to go it alone. 

#7 Will I detox?

Yes most likely. Using the high frequency Essential Oils that I recommend however, will greatly lessen any symptoms and ease your process. Remember that anything you detox comes from unwanted patterns within you. Better out than in. You have 4 days to relax and recalibrate between each 3 day lives to make this as pleasant an experience as possible. 

#8 When is the next Revive to Thrive process?

The process is planned for every 2nd month and will become more intense with every new round as you build on the previous frequencies. That gives you a month to integrate and embody your newest version. You may then go deeper and higher with another round until you feel you're where you need to be. Or top up as you wish.

#9 Can I pay in installments?

Yes you may! Rates are available when you click PURCHASE.

Why do it alone? 

This is a unique and powerful invitation to expand into your highest potential. Alongside your Soul Family.

If you feel a full body YES  
- then join us!

Here's ALL of What You Get

  • 17 days of potent frequency transmissions uniquely designed to help you and the specific group.
  • 3 days of immersion, 4 days to release & integrate for 3 consecutive weeks.
  • I will work on you individually & as a group to help guide, connect and immerse you in your highest frequencies.
  • As soon as you purchase your ticket, the Revive frequencies will begin to enhance your vibration ☆