1:1 Sacred Healing Suppor t


The invitation... 

This is a 3 month sacred healing container for you - the special heart-led soulpreneur, who is here to make a difference in the world. You desire energetic support to transform, align, uplevel and stay the course. 

This is your chance to work with me in an intimate setting where you get 1:1 of my undivided healing attention and alchemy on your energetic body for 3 months!

Just writing this gives me thrills as to what this could mean for you, as you and your energy are held, seen, cleansed, nourished and expanded along with your legacy.

Prioritising your energy in this way will set you apart and the possibilities for your growth are endless. 

Who it is for...

You're a soulpreneur scaling your heart-led business.

You've got your coach, mentor and team lined up - but you need High level ENERGETIC support to:

RELEASE the blocks, imprints and attachments that are holding you back

HEAL what is out of alignment with your soul & higher self 

EMBODY your next level on a cellular level so you become the energetic match

keep your body healthy and thriving, your cells, organs and nervous system in harmony, your mind-body connection balanced, your karma from activating out of turn, your frequency clear and high...

What you receive...

Using my unique healing gifts and adept energy alchemy skills, you'll receive ongoing energetic soul-body attunements and deep transformation.   

My speciality is alchemizing and transforming your spiritual realm in order to change your physical reality.

Like an alchemist I scan your energy field, clear the clutter and bring in what's needed energetically so that you feel more aligned to your true self and start to flourish in your life and business without depleting yourself. 

Your higher self and your body are my guides at all times to keep the experience as loving, effective and nurturing for you as possible.

You have the added bonus that I am a qualified medical herbalist, sexologist and health wizard! To optimise your frequency and health, I'll advise on any herbal, supplement or essential oil recommendations that would benefit you.

Reach out if this feels like a sacred YES and exactly what you have been looking for ♡

Follow your heart,


 Choose between 2 tiers of Sacred Healing Support 

Follow your heart and give yourself the level of support that your soul desires ♡ 


Biweekly attunement


per 3 months

⟡ 1 Deep transformational 1:1 healing session per month. Approx 30 mins

The first session will be 30-45 mins

⟡ Biweekly healing check-in where I tune up your energy, clear and transform whatever is needed remotely so that your frequency functions at its optimum.
No call needed - I do this when your soul desires to. Think of this as your energetic maintenance. Invaluable!



Weekly attunement


per 3 months

⟡ 2 Deep transformational 1:1 healing sessions per month. Approx 30 mins ea.

The first session will be 30-45 mins

⟡ Weekly healing check-in where I tune up your energy, clear and transform whatever is needed remotely so that your frequency functions at its optimum.
No call needed - I do this when your soul desires to. Think of this as your energetic maintenance. Priceless!